Top 8 Tips to Hire Symfony Developers for Businesses

symfony developers India

PHP is one of the great web development platforms for website development and has been there in the market for many years. Plus, there are various PHP development frameworks which keeps on releasing and makes a greater impact in the web market. One such popular PHP development framework is Symfony.

Symfony is an open source PHP development framework which is used by many Symfony programmers. It is one of the most innovative web development frameworks for developing websites using PHP. Plus, these days many businesses opt for Symfony for developing websites in PHP.

Moreover, businesses look to hire Symfony developers India who has a very good knowledge in Symfony framework and develops web applications very easily.

In this post, we will talk about top 8 tips to hire Symfony developers for businesses.

  • Portfolio 

Businesses should look at the portfolio of all the Symfony programmers on the website these developers ratings and work is mentioned.

Moreover, it helps businesses in keeping the track record of hiring Symfony developers about their past Symfony development work and the type of development work taken by them in the past.

  • Online Reviews 

Businesses should properly check the online review of the hired Symfony developers before starting the web development process with them.

Therefore, by looking at the online reviews it helps businesses to hire good Symfony developer with good knowledge of Symfony development as well as the business domain they are going to work on.

  • Past Clients/Businesses Feedbacks 

Businesses should properly check the reputation of the hired Symfony developer in India by asking the feedbacks from the previous clients or businesses with whom they worked previously.

Therefore, by doing this it allows businesses to hire a right Symfony programmer who knows each and every thing related to the development of your business website. Plus, businesses become confident once they get to know about them properly.

  • Proper Communication

Businesses should make sure that they should communicate properly with the hired Symfony developer in person before they offer them a contract.

It will help the business in understanding the exact needs and requirements of your Symfony development project and check the skills of communication.

  • Expertise and Knowledge 

Symfony programmers hired by the businesses should have good expertise and knowledge related to Symfony development framework and that hired Symfony developer should be an expert in his field.

  • Skills 

The hired Symfony developer by businesses should possess all the required coding skills and technical skills which are required to work on the projects related to Symfony development.

  • Guarantee and Cost 

The businesses should make sure that their hired Symfony developer should not charge a too high price and must provide the guarantee for the work they will do. In addition, they should provide support services in case anything does not work.

  • Experience 

Before hiring Symfony developers in India businesses should check the considerable amount of experience of that Symfony developer in the field of Symfony development. Because if businesses do not hire experienced Symfony developers then it will lead to loss of their business.

Wrapping Up 

After reading this many might be aware about the tips to hire Symfony developers. Now it is advised to all the businesses to make sure that they should consider all the above-mentioned tips and choose the best Symfony programmers.


Hiring IT Outsourcing Companies Vs Freelancers

Recent technical advancements have forced the majority of companies to allocate and invest a subsequent portion of their budget into software development. However, for most of the businesses, it’s not feasible to hire an entire team of developers for the IT needs. Hence, majorly there are two options left, i.e. hiring IT outsourcing companies or getting freelancers. Now comes the challenge:

It’s really a challenging task to decide whether your software development project should be handed over to freelancers or a trusted IT outsourcing company. Let’s discuss the benefits of both the options and then decide what to opt for-

Wider Scope

If you need some set of skills that’s more than what was discussed at the time of negotiation, then the IT outsourcing companies can offer the same from the talent pool they have. Freelancers wouldn’t be able to master a new skill quickly, and the pain of finding another resource with the required skills would be yours.


A freelancer might have years of experience working on different projects, with different technologies, and solving issues in various industries.  Developers who work in IT outsourcing companies enjoy the benefits of shared experience, which is eventually greater than that of an individual. Even when you hire one or a few of the company’s developers, your resources have access to a huge knowledge base of their colleagues.  

Delivery Guarantees

An outsourcing company makes sure that a developer’s time off, no matter if planned or unexpected, doesn’t affect the flow of the project: sick leaves and vacations are factored in. The same doesn’t hold with freelancer. It takes a mere flu to delay your project.

Strength and Weakness

Each developer has his own strengths and weaknesses. You get the best and the worst of your freelancer. In outsourcing companies, the management distributes tasks and controls the processes in such a way that the clients only get the best of the developers who work on their projects.

Schedule & Workload

A freelancer is financially dependent on the hours he spends working, so he might take up working long hours, work when sick, or work on your project after a day-job. Are you sure that in such conditions, he can give his best efforts to your project?

Developers who are employed full-time in IT outsourcing companies usually have some flexibility in their schedules to make use of their most productive time of day, and to be available when it is convenient for the client.


No doubt, freelancer status doesn’t ban one from undergoing trainings, but a busy schedule of a freelancer might be forcing him to always put the trainings on hold. An employed developer enjoys scheduled and well-organized trainings at the expense of the company.

Quality Assurance  

IT outsourcing companies have a full team needed for best results: project managers and QA specialists. A freelancer might be an efficient one-man band, but let’s be honest, that would be an exception, not a rule.


Freelancers are their own marketers, salespeople  and  managers. The time that a freelancer spends looking for a next project is the time that a developer in IT outsourcing company spends on solving your issue.

Hence, it’s quite evident that when your main focus is quality, speed and professional development then IT outsourcing companies are better than Freelancers. ValueCoders is an IT outsourcing company in India that provides developers with guaranteed SLAs and NDA signed. If you are looking for dedicated development then ValueCoders can help you out.

Ask 10 Questions to Hire Xamarin Developers

In today’s time the technology keeps on changing at a rapid pace, the businesses rely on applications which are created using different programming languages. Moreover, each software and application created requires to run on different platforms and operating system.

Mobile application development is taking the unprecedented growth these days. According to recent statistics, it was found out that 62% of businesses have build the mobile application for their business.

In addition, there are some businesses who are still considering to create their mobile apps in order to promote their business and brand.

Xamarin is a San-Francisco based development company which provides the standards for cross-platform mobile application development which comes with in-built capabilities to create the native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Many Fortune 500 companies these days prefer using  Xamarin for developing the hybrid mobile apps. In addition, the businesses prefer to hire dedicated Xamarin developers who needs perfection and quality code over the factor costs.

In this blog, we will discuss 10 questions to ask to Xamarin developer before hiring them.

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Xamarin Developer

The 10 questions asked by businesses to hire Xamarin Developer

1. About Xamarin Programming Knowledge

It is considered as one of the most important questions you should ask to hire Xamarin developer. You should check whether that dedicated Xamarin developer has a complete knowledge of the technologies or not.

In addition, Xamarin framework is based on  programming languages like C# and ASP. For that, Xamarin developers should have expertise in those as well.

2. MVVM Paradigm

Just like other development frameworks, Xamarin framework has adopted the MVVM paradigm against the MVC. You should ask Xamarin developers about the MVVM paradigm in detail before hiring that dedicated Xamarin Developer.

3. Reactive UI

The Xamarin developer should have complete knowledge about ReactiveUI in Xamarin Framework. In addition, he should know about the UI development which supports Xamarin.Android, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Windows, Windows Forum, Windows Support, Windows Store, Universal Window Platform(UWP) and WPF.

You should ask all the questions to Xamarin developers for testing the developers knowledge in ReactiveUI.

4. Working With Xamarin Studio

You should ask questions to dedicated Xamarin developers about working of the Xamarin Studio and how it is used for developing cross-platform mobile applications.

5. Xamarin for Visual Studio

The Xamarin framework is a sole IDE for which visual studio supports for developing the native cross-platform mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows.

You should definitely ask questions to Xamarin developers based on working of Xamarin for Visual Studio.

6. Differentiate Between Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Mac

You should ask the questions to Xamarin developers on how to reuse the code for creating the cross-platform applications. The applications are created using C# programming language across different platforms.

7. Working On Xamarin Testing

You should ask questions to Xamarin developers on how the applications can be tested using the Xamarin Test Cloud and also the Xamarin developer should have complete knowledge about object-based UI testing as well.

8. Knows About Xamarin API and other 3rd Party Libraries

Before hiring the Xamarin developer, you should take test of dedicated Xamarin developer about the knowledge based on API and 3rd party libraries contained in the Xamarin programming.

9. Knowledge in Mobile App Development

You should check while hiring for a dedicated Xamarin developer that whether the Xamarin developer is good in cross-platform Xamarin development.

Also, they should ask that hired Xamarin developers about their experience in mobile app development and only not in web and server based programming for Xamarin.

10. Xamarin Performance-Oriented Programming

In order to hire Xamarin Developer, you should check whether that dedicated Xamarin developer is able to integrate the payment gateway and in-app purchase in their mobile application.

Moreover, you should check that the dedicated Xamarin Developer should have the experience in in-app optimization at designing as well programming level also.


As we discussed above these are the 10 important questions that the businesses should ask while they are hiring any Xamarin developer. The developer which the business will hire should be well diversified and must have the complete knowledge related to the Xamarin app development framework. The things businesses should take in consideration in order to hire Xamarin developers are Optimum budget and Improved productivity of Xamarin Developers.

Moreover, the businesses should check for freelancers or reputed development companies who has the successful history in creation of the Xamarin projects. Therefore, the businesses must check ratings and feedbacks of freelancers before hiring them to create Xamarin application for the business.

7 Reasons: To Outsource Software Development Services In India

As an owner of your business, you already know the importance of being digitally and technically strong. In order to build a good rapport in the digital space, you need to build amazing web & mobile software that not only strun your customers but also give you a competitive advantage. Hiring in-house developers for that, can be a good choice However, current trends  say that it’s way too beneficial to outsource software development services rather than building in-house team.

Here are top 7 reasons behind the same:

1. Cost Effective:


Opting software development services from western countries can be highly costly. Also. hiring in-house developers can cost you high. However, when you outsource software development services in India, you get highly talented developers in low cost.

2. Quality:

quality programming.jpg

The offshore IT outsourcing companies hire only the expert developers who are great at building web & mobile software. So, the quality of the projects they work upon is always extraordinary and equivalent to the international standards. Also, they make the effective use of the latest tools and technologies.

3. Communication:


You will never feel that you are not connected to the company. The Indian IT outsourcing companies have a reputation to remain in constant communication either through phone calls, skype or email and will let you know about the progress of the project on a regular basis, thus providing you complete work satisfaction and peace of mind.

4. Timely Delivery:


The Indian IT outsourcing companies always plan their projects before they start and deliver it to you on time, as per the planning. The agile method helps to work according to the process and you get updates on a regular basis.

5. Infrastructure And Environment:


Highly developed infrastructure and favorable business environment make a huge positive impact on the work productivity and efficiency of the employees. When you outsource software development services from India, you get state of the art infrastructure and adoptable teams. This helps you in a great extent indeed.

6. Hi-tech Security:


One of the main reasons behind people choosing the offshore companies is that, they provide complete security to the data and other confidential properties of clients, making it highly safe and secured.

7. Extended Support and Maintenance:


The Indian offshore software development companies provide you the complete maintenance and post launch services once the project is over, to fix the bugs and keep it up to date.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important benefits of hiring the offshore software development company in India to get a website developed for your business, it is advisable to do some research and then choose the best company to get your work done. Good luck for the same!

Top 5 Laravel Development Company

There are numerous PHP frameworks that are easily available for the developers to build awesome websites. Among several others, Laravel framework holds a valuable position as it is one of the most compelling PHP frameworks. This ultimate framework is highly admired and loved by offshore PHP programmers and developers all across the world. Though when you want to develop a full-fledged Laravel-based web application, you should outsource Laravel development Company. Here are the list of top 5 companies to choose from:



Started in 1999, this company is a world famous establishment in web application development services. In Laravel development, Inflexion has gained a great popularity for offering superior Laravel solutions to customers all across the world. With a group of highly skilled custom Laravel programmers, Inflexion is perfectly capable of delivering advanced solutions to its clients. So, if you seek a highly experienced Laravel development company for your or your client’s project, hire services from Inflexion for the best results in 2017.



ValueCoders is an Indian software development company focused offshore software development services. 12+ years in business & 450+ developers strong, they have worked with startups, digital agencies, software product development companies, and enterprises to build amazing web apps with Laravel and reduce costs/time-to-market.



PixelCrayons is ISO 9001: 2008 certified offshore software development company located in India. PixelCrayons has nurtured one of world’s best team of web developers, designers, software developers and tech-experts focused on delivering world-class cutting edge mobile and Web based apps.

Octal Info Solution


Octal Info Solution is another brilliant Laravel development company in India. Started a decade back, the company carries experience in developing web and mobile applications for their clients. The dedicating Laravel development team at Octal Info solution is truly brilliant and has a sound knowledge of Laravel framework. Using this knowledge, the expert Laravel developers delivers the best web applications and mobile apps to their clients.



GiranarSEZ is one of the fastest-developing companies offering the best Laravel application development solutions to clients who belong to various countries in the world. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has made its name in Laravel development after serving multiple companies with unique development solutions.

PHP or Node.js: Which Is More Secure?

From the beginning, PHP has always been there to take it to the next level. However, with the advancements in technologies, PHP apps are becoming a primary target to security threats. To overcome this, many alternatives have been launched but the remarkable one is Node.js. In the last few years, Node.js is quickly gaining popularity for it’s smart performance. Hence, it’s a common question on everyone’s mind: PHP or Node.js which one is more secure?


Here are some of the key points that may differentiate the two and help you choose a better programming language for your web app –

Reasons To Choose PHP

1) PHP makes it easy for the developers to mix code with content. One can simply open PHP tags and write codes without any need of templates or other files. It is designed to give the programming power at the fingertips of a developer.

2) PHP code has a deep history in web development. All the major CMS platforms, like, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, including their plugins are all written in PHP, making it easy to use and modify it according to one’s needs.

3) PHP is a simple and thin layer language with less variables and certain elementary functions. It’s a perfect option for a job that doesn’t require much complexity and security.

4) PHP supports MySQL and its other family members like MariaDB. By interfacing most stable codes with SQL database, PHP empowers its projects with extreme flexibility.

5) When it comes to delivering a project quickly, PHP is usually the developer’s first choice. Without using any JAR files and compilers, it enables a developer to create a web application with simply an editor and PHP files.

Hence, you have plenty of reasons to consider before you Hire PHP Developers. Now let’s see what Node.js has to offer.

Reasons To Choose Node.js

1) To program effectively without any glitches, programmers need structure in their programming. Nodejs allows them to understand and maintain easily. It facilitate the programmers with such structure and make their tasks more organized.

2) Node.js offers a wide range of new plugins that are designed to satisfy the modern needs of architectural approach.

3) With providing support for modern syntax, JavaScript also has other useful features like closures. One can extend it and pass the functions easily, making it an intelligent choice for programming of complex web apps.

4) Though JavaScript code writing can be a bit tedious task, but once done, it can make a web app faster than ever. With its brilliant callback mechanism and well designed core, it provide raw speed to the web app.

5) Node.js lets the developer design a data-rich and complex web app with an efficient delivery system. It reduces the repeated trips, makes it more secure and saves the user’s time.

Now you have plenty more reasons to consider before you Hire Node JS Developers.

Hence PHP or Node.js? Here is our suggestion.

PHP and Node.js are two separate programming languages with some similar contents. The choice of selecting one should not be just limited to their performance, but you should also take the type of web app, security levels and the budget into consideration before you Outsource Node JS Developers or PHP developers.

Why It Is Beneficial For Your Company To Outsource .NET Developers

There are number of platforms for the development of web apps and websites. Microsoft’s ASP.NET is one such platform that is used for building dynamic web apps and websites. The amazing features of ASP.NET have made it an extremely popular one. On the other hand, the support from the developers community has also been a major reason to it’s popularity. Now, the giant enterprises are keen to outsource .NET developers in good numbers to build top notch apps.


The technical features of the platform are its plus points, and a .NET developer possesses the ability to double up those points. Let’s have a look at the major benefits that you get when  you outsource ASP.NET developers:

Highly Experienced Teams

When you outsource .Net developers, you get a highly experienced team who has expertise in web development domain. The major benefit of having such a team is you don’t have to manage them every now and then. They already have faced the common issues and can handle themselves. As a result, you stay in peace.

Better Time to Market

ASP.NET offers reusability of codes. This cuts down the development time. This feature comes in very handy for the clients as well as for the developers. When in good hands of .Net developers it’s a very useful platform in cutting down the development time. The combination of this feature and the skills of the .NET developers results into better time to market.

Reduced Project Cost

Outsourcing a .NET developer is the most affordable option for your web applications, and this is one of the prime benefits as well. Certain features of .NET allows the developers to wrap up their work in less time. This benefit is seen in the overall development cost. The reduction in cost can be utilized in some other development work by you.

High Quality Web Development

High quality development can be done with .Net. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. While you outsource ASP.NET developer, you can assure yourself that you can get web applications based on your parameters. An dedicated .NET developer would interpret your ideas and would code it into desired web applications.

Keeping Up to Date

Technology changes rapidly, and experienced offshore .Net developers know which version is appropriate for your development project. They mostly work on the latest versions and deliver you the top notch results. It helps you to stay up to date and future ready.

Better Risk Management

Risks are reduced as the your offshore .Net development teams will have prior knowledge and experience on similar projects and only offer proven working solutions. Not only will they have more real world experience, but they will also be better at mitigating the risks involved in handling delicate tasks like upgrades and security management.

More Customers

.NET supports a set of different platforms and operates on multiple devices and computing hardware including laptops, smartphones and tablets. This enables large number of users to access their information on the Internet from any device regardless of their location and time.

Professional Project Management

When you outsource .Net developers from top web development firms, they will provide an experienced Project Manager to oversee your project and ensure it is completed on time and within budget. This helps you to save time and bear less responsibility.

Better Support & Services

The support and services offshore .Net development teams can deliver usually do not end with the delivery of the particular web project, but can be extended through ongoing support services, upgrades, and troubleshooting to keep your online operations running as smoothly as possible.

No Worries About Employee Churn

One of the major issues with working with in-house .Net teams for your web projects is employee churn. Employees or in-house consultants may resign or move on to other companies or projects, leaving you with no one outsourcing company  protects your you from such eventuality.

Hence, when you want to expand your business on web world then the most apt option for you is to hire .NET developers in India. It is surely going to be beneficial for your company as the .NET developers offer genuine solutions for the most simple to the most complex ones.

10 Best Design Tips On How To Create Your Mobile App

A mobile application takes the user experience of your business to the next level. An app designed well, will always get more engagement and traction as opposed to a poorly designed one. Here are some tips that will help you get the best out of your mobile app design.

Design Tips For Your Mobile App


1- Logo

A logo on the home screen of the app, along with an icon is very useful in getting appropriate engagement. Creating an attractive logo with the understanding of your brand values is crucial too. The logo must be designed in such a way that it gels well with the app interface.

2- Consistency of Design

The visual elements on your mobile app must be consistent with the overall app design. At the time of mobile application development, color contrast must be used while adding call to action buttons. The call to action buttons must have the same color, throughout the application, to make maintain consistency of design.

3- Quick Responses

As an app designer or a planner, you need to ensure that your design talks to the audience at every step. This gives the feeling, that the app is quick and user friendly. The feedback and clicks may not always added there for a genuine reason, but adding them on every step is helpful in creating better engagement. Interactive design elements are very helpful too.

4- Font Usage

The font usage should be such that the content on the app is easy to read. You can also use fancy fonts depending upon the brand or the product you are designing the app for. A clean looking fancy font should be prefered over a font that’s not so reader friendly.

5- Design For a Specific Platform

A Windows app will always be different for an Android one, both in terms of design as well as functionality. The designer must keep this in mind and design the respective apps accordingly. For the user, however the apps should look and work in the same way. This is important to ensure consistency to the the user across devices at the time of your mobile application development.

6- Get Approvals on The Mobile Device

Showing the design to the client or the management, should be done using a mobile device. This helps in understanding the design better and gives a real sense of the actual app design and usability.

7- Focus On Engagement

Your app design must focus on engagement . It must not be too simple for the user to turn away from it soon. The idea should be to add visual elements, interesting colors and a story that can delight the users.

8- Create Experience Zones

Design your app like it’s a virtual place being visited by the consumer. Creating zones, helps in giving the right consumer experience. The consumers should want to stay on your app for numerous experiences that lure them to use the app for longer.

9- Plan Well

The user flow and the wireframe must be done well in advance. This helps in planning the app design better. The key pages must be at the beginning of the flow and must be given proper weightage in terms of design as well.

10- Design For Usability

A good looking app is not enough. You need to understand and test the usability to see of the design is workable or not. Test it with internal and external audiences to figure out if the design works for them. Get feedback and make necessary changes before taking the app public.

Every designer, marketer and business owner must take the app design very seriously. App design is one of the most important aspects of consumer engagement and will get rich dividends if approached strategically.

As a Mobile application development company, ValueCoders helps you in developing & designing mobile apps for your customers. Our Mobile Application Development Services cater to all the new technologies including Android, iOS, PhoneGap and so on.

Native App vs Hybrid App Development: What To Pick?

Before we dive into the discussion of Native app vs Hybrid app, let’s take a look at the current mobile market scenario. According to a latest survey, about 88% of smartphone users prefer Android OS and 11% prefer iOS. However, if you go by your market segment, it can happen that your customers are more on iOS. Some may find Android as their targeted OS. Therefore, until and unless you are certain about it, it’s better to go for both. Hence, what to build? A Native app or a Hybrid one?

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To find out who’s winning the Native app vs Hybrid app war, let’s first discuss both the architectures thoroughly. We will start with Native app vs hybrid app

Native App

Native app is the one that is coded in exclusive programming language for each separate platforms. The most popular among them is Java for Android devices and Objective-C or Swift for Apple devices. Undoubtedly, native app is way ahead with outstanding user experience and prominent performance.

Merits of Native App


1) Native apps mostly have fast graphics with fluid animations built in. It’s also very convenient to use with a native look and feel.

2) Native app can access OS specific APIs such as camera, push notifications, and in-app purchases, which would otherwise be prohibited.

3) If you’re developing a native app for iPhone, you will get many resources, development tools, and reading material to help you out.

4) It is a bit less painful to develop a native app as it focuses only on one platform at a time as it gets support from respective platform.

Demerits of Native App

1) It is a time consuming process to build a native app if you want separate apps for different platforms. Here is a time estimate for your understanding:-


2) Native app typically requires different codes for smartphone and tablets which makes it more difficult sometimes.

3) It costs pretty high to develop number of native apps for different platforms and maintain them separately.

4) If you need to release the app in another app store then you might need to complete re-write the codes.

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Hybrid App

Hybrid app combines elements of both native app and Web apps. It takes most of the good features from native and adds cross browser flexibility from web apps. As a result, you get an app that functions more like a native app with no platform boundaries.

Merits of Hybrid App

1) The content of a hybrid app is easily portable and requires a native harness to run in another platform. Hence, it’s quick to develop and easy to maintain.

2) By using CSS, it makes the app design flexible and accommodates all kinds of device sizes. On the other hand HTML and JavaScript run seamlessly on every platform regardless of the OS. This flexibility helps you to reduce development cost.

3) Some software frameworks like Ionic or React provides flexibility act a web page like a native app. Hence, it can be distributed on the app stores.

4) Hybrid app has options to package locally or through servers that enables to access it online as well as offline.

Demerits of Hybrid App

1) If the App Store recognizes that your app is not truly native, there is a chance it may deny listing from the App Store.

2) When a new Apple iOS version is released, hybrid app developers would have to depend on a third party before they design hybrid apps on the new OS.

3) Since hybrid app development is still new in the development space, there is not much support available for troubleshooting uncommon issues.

4) Lack of the genuine UI assets of Android or iOS sometimes result in slower performance and can brink security threats as well. Here are some examples:


How to decide on Native app vs Hybrid app:


Now as you have understood clearly about the pros and cons of both the architectures, this flow chart will help you to end up with right decision:

If you are clear about the requirements of your app and follow this flowchart with consideration of the merits and demerits of both the architectures, we hope this will help you to decide your match.

However, regardless of the architecture you choose, we are there to help you. At ValueCoders, we provide agile software teams for all kinds of Mobile App Development projects. Few of the benefits to partner with us are:

1- Flexible Hiring Models
2- On-time delivery and NDAs
3- Zero billing guarantee
4- Guaranteed SLAs

9 Important Reasons for Hiring Dedicated Developers from ValueCoders


ValueCoders offer dedicated development teams to address continual business environment changes and needs. Being agile in our approach, we consult, evaluate, plan and execute according to process. We are clear about our strengths and focused on it. Our teams, dedicated to our clients, have developed some of the best software products

1. No Obligation & Free Trial for 2 Weeks
We can help you in growing your business with minimum stress and maximum profits with investment of very low costing services of ours. We will deliver the best results with no burden and long term contract.
2. Guaranteed Satisfaction 100%
We follow quality standards and guarantee to deliver the project on time. You can sleep safe by knowing that we are ISO 9001 Certified and can give the best results. And if any error occurs we will fix it at our cost without keeping you on risk.
3. Dedicated Resources
Your project will be completed efficiently and on time by the dedicated resources allocated for your project and will never be pulled off till the finishing of your important task.
4. Supply of A Grade Developers
If you are planning for increasing your business and want to scale up a team. Let us know the required skill set and specifications of your project, we will find you the best talent to build up your dedicated developers.
5. Reliable Communication
You can keep a touch with the dedicated resources as little and often as you want by the help of Project Management Software. They will also be available to you on Skype and Video Chats.
6. Project Tracking Automated System :
You can easily keep a track of the task and projects with the help of our time tracking system and can have a minute by minute report of how much time was spent in completing each task.
7. Protected Ideas :
Your ideas can not be stolen by any of the freelancer as all of our properties are protected and can only be signed by our employees.
8. Customizable and Affordable Pricing :
We offer our clients with a great range of flexible staffing and payment modes for all types of business. Our customer service model provides you with ideal staffing solution.
9. Efficient Management Software:
By using our web based project management system you can easily view and organize the task of your project. And can have a complete picture of all your tasks.

Hence, now if you are keen to find dedicated development teams, you need not to go anywhere else. ValueCoders is here to help you out. We have a large pool of developers who are adept at all the new technologies and have experience in delivering diverse projects with varying requirements.