A mobile application takes the user experience of your business to the next level. An app designed well, will always get more engagement and traction as opposed to a poorly designed one. Here are some tips that will help you get the best out of your mobile app design.

Design Tips For Your Mobile App


1- Logo

A logo on the home screen of the app, along with an icon is very useful in getting appropriate engagement. Creating an attractive logo with the understanding of your brand values is crucial too. The logo must be designed in such a way that it gels well with the app interface.

2- Consistency of Design

The visual elements on your mobile app must be consistent with the overall app design. At the time of mobile application development, color contrast must be used while adding call to action buttons. The call to action buttons must have the same color, throughout the application, to make maintain consistency of design.

3- Quick Responses

As an app designer or a planner, you need to ensure that your design talks to the audience at every step. This gives the feeling, that the app is quick and user friendly. The feedback and clicks may not always added there for a genuine reason, but adding them on every step is helpful in creating better engagement. Interactive design elements are very helpful too.

4- Font Usage

The font usage should be such that the content on the app is easy to read. You can also use fancy fonts depending upon the brand or the product you are designing the app for. A clean looking fancy font should be prefered over a font that’s not so reader friendly.

5- Design For a Specific Platform

A Windows app will always be different for an Android one, both in terms of design as well as functionality. The designer must keep this in mind and design the respective apps accordingly. For the user, however the apps should look and work in the same way. This is important to ensure consistency to the the user across devices at the time of your mobile application development.

6- Get Approvals on The Mobile Device

Showing the design to the client or the management, should be done using a mobile device. This helps in understanding the design better and gives a real sense of the actual app design and usability.

7- Focus On Engagement

Your app design must focus on engagement . It must not be too simple for the user to turn away from it soon. The idea should be to add visual elements, interesting colors and a story that can delight the users.

8- Create Experience Zones

Design your app like it’s a virtual place being visited by the consumer. Creating zones, helps in giving the right consumer experience. The consumers should want to stay on your app for numerous experiences that lure them to use the app for longer.

9- Plan Well

The user flow and the wireframe must be done well in advance. This helps in planning the app design better. The key pages must be at the beginning of the flow and must be given proper weightage in terms of design as well.

10- Design For Usability

A good looking app is not enough. You need to understand and test the usability to see of the design is workable or not. Test it with internal and external audiences to figure out if the design works for them. Get feedback and make necessary changes before taking the app public.

Every designer, marketer and business owner must take the app design very seriously. App design is one of the most important aspects of consumer engagement and will get rich dividends if approached strategically.

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