From the beginning, PHP has always been there to take it to the next level. However, with the advancements in technologies, PHP apps are becoming a primary target to security threats. To overcome this, many alternatives have been launched but the remarkable one is Node.js. In the last few years, Node.js is quickly gaining popularity for it’s smart performance. Hence, it’s a common question on everyone’s mind: PHP or Node.js which one is more secure?


Here are some of the key points that may differentiate the two and help you choose a better programming language for your web app –

Reasons To Choose PHP

1) PHP makes it easy for the developers to mix code with content. One can simply open PHP tags and write codes without any need of templates or other files. It is designed to give the programming power at the fingertips of a developer.

2) PHP code has a deep history in web development. All the major CMS platforms, like, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, including their plugins are all written in PHP, making it easy to use and modify it according to one’s needs.

3) PHP is a simple and thin layer language with less variables and certain elementary functions. It’s a perfect option for a job that doesn’t require much complexity and security.

4) PHP supports MySQL and its other family members like MariaDB. By interfacing most stable codes with SQL database, PHP empowers its projects with extreme flexibility.

5) When it comes to delivering a project quickly, PHP is usually the developer’s first choice. Without using any JAR files and compilers, it enables a developer to create a web application with simply an editor and PHP files.

Hence, you have plenty of reasons to consider before you Hire PHP Developers. Now let’s see what Node.js has to offer.

Reasons To Choose Node.js

1) To program effectively without any glitches, programmers need structure in their programming. Nodejs allows them to understand and maintain easily. It facilitate the programmers with such structure and make their tasks more organized.

2) Node.js offers a wide range of new plugins that are designed to satisfy the modern needs of architectural approach.

3) With providing support for modern syntax, JavaScript also has other useful features like closures. One can extend it and pass the functions easily, making it an intelligent choice for programming of complex web apps.

4) Though JavaScript code writing can be a bit tedious task, but once done, it can make a web app faster than ever. With its brilliant callback mechanism and well designed core, it provide raw speed to the web app.

5) Node.js lets the developer design a data-rich and complex web app with an efficient delivery system. It reduces the repeated trips, makes it more secure and saves the user’s time.

Now you have plenty more reasons to consider before you Hire Node JS Developers.

Hence PHP or Node.js? Here is our suggestion.

PHP and Node.js are two separate programming languages with some similar contents. The choice of selecting one should not be just limited to their performance, but you should also take the type of web app, security levels and the budget into consideration before you Outsource Node JS Developers or PHP developers.


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