Recent technical advancements have forced the majority of companies to allocate and invest a subsequent portion of their budget into software development. However, for most of the businesses, it’s not feasible to hire an entire team of developers for the IT needs. Hence, majorly there are two options left, i.e. hiring IT outsourcing companies or getting freelancers. Now comes the challenge:

It’s really a challenging task to decide whether your software development project should be handed over to freelancers or a trusted IT outsourcing company. Let’s discuss the benefits of both the options and then decide what to opt for-

Wider Scope

If you need some set of skills that’s more than what was discussed at the time of negotiation, then the IT outsourcing companies can offer the same from the talent pool they have. Freelancers wouldn’t be able to master a new skill quickly, and the pain of finding another resource with the required skills would be yours.


A freelancer might have years of experience working on different projects, with different technologies, and solving issues in various industries.  Developers who work in IT outsourcing companies enjoy the benefits of shared experience, which is eventually greater than that of an individual. Even when you hire one or a few of the company’s developers, your resources have access to a huge knowledge base of their colleagues.  

Delivery Guarantees

An outsourcing company makes sure that a developer’s time off, no matter if planned or unexpected, doesn’t affect the flow of the project: sick leaves and vacations are factored in. The same doesn’t hold with freelancer. It takes a mere flu to delay your project.

Strength and Weakness

Each developer has his own strengths and weaknesses. You get the best and the worst of your freelancer. In outsourcing companies, the management distributes tasks and controls the processes in such a way that the clients only get the best of the developers who work on their projects.

Schedule & Workload

A freelancer is financially dependent on the hours he spends working, so he might take up working long hours, work when sick, or work on your project after a day-job. Are you sure that in such conditions, he can give his best efforts to your project?

Developers who are employed full-time in IT outsourcing companies usually have some flexibility in their schedules to make use of their most productive time of day, and to be available when it is convenient for the client.


No doubt, freelancer status doesn’t ban one from undergoing trainings, but a busy schedule of a freelancer might be forcing him to always put the trainings on hold. An employed developer enjoys scheduled and well-organized trainings at the expense of the company.

Quality Assurance  

IT outsourcing companies have a full team needed for best results: project managers and QA specialists. A freelancer might be an efficient one-man band, but let’s be honest, that would be an exception, not a rule.


Freelancers are their own marketers, salespeople  and  managers. The time that a freelancer spends looking for a next project is the time that a developer in IT outsourcing company spends on solving your issue.

Hence, it’s quite evident that when your main focus is quality, speed and professional development then IT outsourcing companies are better than Freelancers. ValueCoders is an IT outsourcing company in India that provides developers with guaranteed SLAs and NDA signed. If you are looking for dedicated development then ValueCoders can help you out.


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